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  1. Best Medical Tourism Destination of the year 2017 (National)
  2. Best Medical Tourism Destination of the year 2017 (International)
  3. Centre for Excellence (Single Specialty)
    1. Cardiac
    2. Orthopedics
    3. Oncology
    4. Neurology
    5. Dental
    6. Cosmetic
    7. IVF/ Infertility
    8. Ophthalmology
    9. Urology/ Nephrology
    10. Liver Transplants
  4. Best Hospital of the Year 2017 (Over all Services for International patients)
  5. Best Healthcare Facilitators of the year 2017 (Company)
  6. Best Medical Interpreter of the Year 2017
    1. Arabic
    2. Russian
    3. French
    4. Persian/ Pashtu
    5. Others
  7. Best Ayurvedic/ Yoga/ Unani Centre of the Year
  8. Life Time Achievement Award 2017 (Only for Doctor)